3 Aprile 2018




“Domizi” was founded in 1971 after the buy-out of Imperial-RIV, existing know-how (design and production) was brought alongside an efficient structure for the direct commercialisation of the products, an ideal combination for assisting the numerous clients throughout the world.

In 1990 Domizi moved to the present headquarters and production was improved, in particular in relation to design aspects: a CAD/CAM station and a numerical control machine make it possible to manage technical drawing in real time and allow extremely flexible design procedures.

This set up allows us to work efficiently with other production companies supplying the client with customised technical products which meet the most complex technical requirements. Domizi instruments, thanks to the continuous improvements and innovations, are installed on petrochemical extraction and distribution plants throughout the world.

The production experience gained during these years has allowed our company to successfully tackle other processes that are beyond the scope of the instruments it manufactures, and to start operating in the service market as well.



Lenghty experience of design allows us to be extremely flexible. Each plant is designed to a specific plan therefore being flexible means working with the client to supply both adaptations of existing instruments and newely designed models.

Without forgetting the perfect collaboration with other manufacturing companies for those instruments that integrate different technologies.


The accurate design (dimensional and use) of each particular, provides the customer with a high-tech product guaranteed over time. IT systems allow the company to analyze and precisely manage the needs of designer, making possible to realize specific requests in a short time. All models can be adapted to any conditions of use: high temperatures and pressures, use of corrosive liquids.
Other sectors where our instruments are used are: food, paper, textile, mining, steel, sugar, pharmaceutical and nuclear industries.


The use of numerically controlled machines jguarantees great precision in the work procedures and optimum production standards. These parameters offer a combination of quality punctuality and very reasonable costs.


A parameter of fundamental importance for Domizi products, all welding is carried out by highly qualified personnel. The automatic machiney and inverter rectifiers produce a weld with immediately recognisable aesthetic and qualitative results. On client’s request to guarantee the quality standard of the product, Domizi can perform non-destructive tests on the welds, direclty (penetrating liquids) or through specialised companies (radiography). Qualified external laboratories also effect destructive testing.


Each product branded Domizi is assembled, tested and inspected individually by expert personnel.

Each instrument is subjected to pressure in excess of working pressure to guarantee reliability and safety in use.
Specific inspections are carried out on the pneumatic range of instruments (signal amplifiers, pneumatic level indicators, pressure reducers and gas filters), the level switches (assembly, sealing and calibration at each level) and level indicators.


Domizi safeguards the quality of life and of the environment by using chemical wich comply with the legislation for protection of the environment.

List of Certifications

UNI ISO 9001
DOMIZI has achieved UNI EN ISO 9001 certification
All DOMIZI products who works under pressure within the parameters required by Directive 2014/68/UE are designed, manufactured, inspected and tested as required by the relevant provisions of the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/UE.

DOMIZI produces instruments according to DIRECTIVE ATEX 2014/34/UE.